Through the interface the user visualize data records for all the PM monitored in different screens, which can be configured depending on the user profile. Its powerful graphic generation module contributes significantly to transfer key information to the user to improve the condition of the PM. It is also the viewing tool of the tasks of the artificial intelligence operation, in charge of associate failures in different parameters to specific pathologies previously defined by the user, making it easier for maintenance teams to act accordingly.

DAEN monitors all required parameters to effectively evaluate the performance of the point machine monitoring. It records the following electrical parameters: peak and average current consumption, peak and average voltage, active and reactive power, power factor, test voltage, operation time, number of operations, true RMS current signal, and the full operation current and voltage signals. DAEN is also able to provide spectral analysis for mechanical defects early detection thought vibration and titling measure. The same collects information to help the user to analyze different parameters that may be dependant with the environment.

Collected data is transferred to the server, from which it supplies the interface, an application that can be accessed via web from any browser with connection to the network where the server system is hosted.