The collected data is transferred to the server, from which it supplies the interface, an application that can be accessed via web from any browser with connection to the network where the server system is hosted. Through the interface the user visualize data records in different displays, which can be configured depending on the user profile. The artificial intelligence is responsible for generating alarms and reports in case of breakdowns with all the information useful related to this situation.

Track circuits monitoring are responsible for the second highest number of signaling system failures, after point machines monitoring. Smart Motors Track Circuit Monitoring Solution has proved to provide key information for the detection of installation and operation problems on Track Circuits monitoring. Moreover, CIVI can be installed in a large variety of technologies in use today, which constitutes an added advantage.


The large number of track circuits installed and their dispersion throughout the network makes the track circuits one of the most complex and expensive elements to maintain. Preventive maintenance is not as effective with track circuits as with other elements, such as point machines, as preventive maintenance tasks are unlikely to predict the main types of failures that affect them. In contrast, activity logs and real-time information provided by our solution enable the detection of anomalies. As a result, it makes it possible to minimize service disruptions, whether by decreasing the frequency of breakdowns or reducing response and resolution time when a breakdown occurs. It also reduces the costs and resources invested in maintenance operations.