Track Gauge Monitoring

Track monitoring systems help to maintain the safety of railroad tracks on turnouts. It is important to ensure a correct position of stock rails and closure rails along the turnout and throughout the whole movement of the point machine.


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Customized and compatible solution

The system is also compatible with any kind of rail and gauge, with an accuracy of 0.25mm


A single platform for the whole network

Data is shared with other systems as for Point Machine and Signals monitoring rationalizing the investment.


Multiple integration

Management systems can be integrated to provide automated calendars to streamline maintenance.


Fast and simple installation

Install the same solution for your whole network. It also allows to combine data from different assets as other signaling elements.

Why Track Gauge monitoring?

Gauge monitoring gives on real time status on the condition of the most critical point on the net as locations with thermal stress, sharp curves and tunnel exits.

Monitor the tip of the switch in order to automatize the coupling preventive inspections. The solution will help to increase availability and reduce maintenance costs of your network. 

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Diagnosing breakdowns improve service and maintenance.



The system helps to detect dilations due to thermal stress, switch deformations, shift rail coupling and uncoupling, as well as collision detection on frogs and shift tips and ballast settlement analysis through vibration. 

A good continuous monitoring system identifies breakdown patterns and send an alarm before the breakdown takes place and negatively affects the service. 


Maintenance based on condition

Why shouldn’t maintenance calendars be standard? 

Unexpected things occur and plans need to frequently readapt. CBM planner considers preventive, predictive and corrective orders. More and more worldwide railway companies are joining DAVANA and switching from traditional maintenance plans to condition-based maintenance ones. Thanks to the monitoring system and the information gathered and analysed by DAVANA, maintenance intervals are optimized and unplanned downtime is minimized.


New maintenance calendars according to the real maintenance needs of the assets and the availability of resources.


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