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This blog wants to bring knowledge and new points of view to those who are in the process of creating a Digitalization strategy. Choose the tools of the future to support the operation and maintenance.

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Boost data and keep it safe

Posted by smart motors on 05-abr-2022 17:34:30

Topics: Blog

Monitorización de agujas: Soluciones ferroviarias

Posted by smart motors on 24-mar-2022 9:00:00

Topics: Point Machines, Condition-Monitoring

Servicios de datos ferroviarios: Plataforma de digitalización DAVANA

Posted by smart motors on 08-feb-2022 13:10:21

Topics: railway, Digital Strategies, Digitalization Platform, DAVANA

Aplicaciones de seguridad ferroviaria en DAVANA

Posted by smart motors on 12-ene-2022 9:00:00

Topics: Digitalization, Railways, DAVANA

Servicios Digital Train: monitorización de la flota

Posted by smart motors on 02-dic-2021 10:51:00

Topics: Rolling stock monitoring, Railways, Digital Train, DAVANA

Gestiona la digitalización ferroviaria, todo en una sola plataforma: DAVANA

Posted by smart motors on 12-nov-2021 9:07:00

Topics: Digital Railway, DAVANA

Solución embarcada para monitorización de vía

Posted by smart motors on 13-oct-2021 9:15:00

Topics: Tracks, condition-based maintenance, Railways, DAVANA

Plataforma de monitorización para propietarios y gestores de activos

Posted by smart motors on 21-sep-2021 12:51:00

Topics: Digital Railway, Condition-Monitoring, DAVANA

Integración, visualización y análisis de datos ferroviarios

Posted by smart motors on 01-sep-2021 9:52:00

Topics: Condition-Monitoring

Herramientas para el mantenimiento ferroviario basado en condición

Posted by smart motors on 07-abr-2021 10:02:00

Topics: condition-based maintenance, Digitalization Platform