The digitalization platform the railway operators and maintainers rely on

Rational, scalable, and standard way to integrate all data initiatives.

Boosting Knowledge

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve decision-making.


Our mission is to drive strategies to improve maintenance and operation management. We believe in a transformational strategy led by a vision and powered by a committed program through DAVANA, offering continuous development service, digitalization support, and constant improvement.

DAVANA streamline all the Digitalization initiatives within your Railway Network integrating all the solutions for the different departments as Signaling, Infrastructure, Rolling Stock, Operations or Energy. The web-based platform is fed by all the data available, smart motors sensors and IoT devices, third parties equipment and other software, as ERP systems, allowing to maximize the benefits of existing tools and drive your Digitalization Strategy.

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  • Collect data from any source

    Internal and external data is integrated; Monitoring devices, IOT, connected assets, TCMS, CTC, information systems, ERP, rolling stock, point machines, barriers, ambience, track circuits, etc.

  • Merge data in one place

    Digest data on cloud or on premise, harmonize and rationalize to dump it in a reliable and structured way into DAVANAs data lake. Collaborate and share data across departments in a simple way.

  • Analyze and automatize

    Artificial Intelligence for real time consumption and to feed the DAVANA toolbox, Condition Based Maintenance, Business Intelligence, ERP, etc.

  • Visualize tools and data

    Real time and data interfaces for passenger information systems, corporate APPs, fully customizable per user to make data-driven decisions.

  • Boost the results of the company
    In three axis:
    - Operation improvement
    - Availability and Reliability
    - User experience
  • Bring it into the hands of all stakeholders

    From the operators, managers, maintainers and the clients, to improve the day by day of all the organization and nudge the digital culture.



Our Digitalitzation platform

DAVANA is the rail-born Digitalitzation platform, mean to be the most complete, user friendly and customizable tool to drive the Digital strategy of any operator.

Able to integrate, analyze and adapt any kind of solution, no matter where or when it comes from, even if it's heritage or even third party solutions.


Whole range of hardware solutions

We provide several tools as:

- Sensors and monitoring devices
- Artificial vision and intelligent devices
- IoT sensors and components
- Embeded devices and interfaces

When a product is already covered by the market we can integrate it to DAVANA. 


Consultancy and development

To support our clients into the journey through Digitalization and beyond we develop and design tailor-made hardware.

We offer implementations as Condition Based Maintenance strategy or automated processes to improve the efficiency across-departments. 

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