Structural Dynamics Monitoring

When it comes to structural behavior, there is a concern about the infrastructure environment. The dynamics of the systems influence and damage the elements on infrastructure. Smart motors' solution provides 24/7 condition monitoring allowing to detect abrupt changes in structural dynamics with an impact on the availability and security of the network.


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Adaptable to any project dimension

From basic geometries to complex cross sections. Reduce time spent on infrastructure maintenance.


A simple and fast installation

Installation satisfies all railway standards and certifications.


A single platform for the whole network

All data available at a glance. Designed to monitor different structural elements as railway bridges, rail superstructures, slopes or turnovers.


Achieve higher level of availability

There is an important difference between knowing nothing about your infrastructure and having a constant control.

Why structural
dynamics monitoring?

The enormous and variable loads supported by the infrastructure causes wear and damage in the structure. What if we could avoid load tests and hard inspections?

Structural Dynamics monitoring is a new method of assessing the condition of existing elements in railway’s infrastructure. The solution is based on vibration monitoring data obtained from smart motors® sensors. Monitoring the performance of the natural structure will allow you to take the required actions in a reasonable time.



  • Data Visualization
    3 axis vibration data displayed at different time period (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) represented by main values (maximum, mean, minimum, FFT, tendence,etc.).
  • Analytics
    It provides the quality rating of the infrastructure by comparison of an ideal performance pattern.
  • Failure's detection
    By applying analytic algorithms, the collected data provide normal function patterns and behavior trends which allows breakdown prediction.

Structural dynamics installation


Railway operation requires many different types of civil works and structures to ensure their reliability. Structural dynamics is a solution focused on railway infrastructure maintenance. This solution has changed the traditional maintenance approach of expensive load tests and inspections. After study the optimal location to place the sensors the installation is simple.

The solution consists of three elements:


They take care of data acquisition and processing.


It is installed within a radio up to 50 meters. It manages communication and sends data to the server.


Receives, saves, process and analyzes data. Provides the tools to ease maintenance. 

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