Track Circuit Monitoring

Track Circuits consume lots of resources during night maintenance tasks. An optimal status of Track Circuits is essential for a correct network operation. Digitalization solutions modernize and optimize Track Circuits management and improve their performance.

Adaptable to any project dimension

From basic geometries to complex cross sections.

Simple and fast installation

Installation satisfies all railway certifications.

A unique platform for the whole network

Reduce time spent on infrastructure maintenance.

Achieve higher level of reliability

There is an important difference between knowing nothing about your infrastructure and having a constant control.

Why Track Circuits monitoring?

Track Circuit monitoring solution allows the operator to minimize the impact on rail services by reducing the frequency of breakdowns, as well as the response time in case of faults.

In addition, it reduces the costs and resources invested in maintenance operations, since its use generates a database that allows predictive maintenance to be planned according to the condition of the circuits. This trend represents a change with respect to traditional preventive maintenance, which does not take into account the condition of the assets.

switches and rails



  • Data visualitzation
  • Analytics
  • Failure's detection
  • Reports and Alarms

How it works?

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