Condition Based Maintenance





Close the loop from the data sources to the maintenance planning and execution throughout DAVANAs CBM tool



CBM automated calendar

It is well known that maintenance plans are always hard to achieve: assets of multiple nature, various softwares to manage, assets geographical dispersion, reduced teams due to social distancing and tight restrictions among others. Our clients improve operational efficiencies and safety while reducing cost with the CBM calendar.



Prioritize work-orders based on condition

Evolve from standard preventive maintenance plans to maintenance plans adapted to the needs of each asset, its role on the network and staff availability. DAVANA prioritize tasks based on real condition and predictive algorithms. Easily set the operational and timing constrains to improve availability and streamline resources.



Interactive tools for asset maintenance

Check how DAVANA closed the Condition Based Maintenance cycle with tools to ease Point Machine revisions. Having a 24/7 real status of the assets and a sincronized system with existing ERP's avoiding the use of paper and mesuring devices needed during maintenance results in a more efficient performance.


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