Infrastructure monitoring solutions

Improve your railway infrastructure management by identifying geometrical deformations and automating maintenance tasks for tracks, bridges, tunnel slopes, tunnel crossings at different heights. Perform track defects analysis along the entire length of your network by monitoring one single train. 


Track defects analysis

Analyse defects along the network by only monitoring one train. The tool set allows the track maintainer to visualize the lane status and to assess qualitatively and quantitatively the degree of defects that each section of track presents. 

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Ventilators monitoring

The solution is feed by energy harvesting to monitor ventilators in the most efficient way. To fight the fan's inaccessibility and breakdowns often destructive, the system allows to perform automatic preventive stoppages. 

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Structural Dynamics monitoring

Monitor accelerations in the three axes in order to advise on the structural stability of railway infrastructures. It is possible to assign a preset dynamic behavior to each monitored element and be aware of abrupt changes in structural dynamics with an impact on the availability and security of the network.

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