DAVANA® consolidates relevant information obtained from the different train systems to make operation management more efficient, with the consequent improvement in passenger service.

Adapted to each operator, functionalities and operating processes are defined project by project. 

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Use cases

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Digital Train

Network overview

Visualize the entire fleet in real time and have a record of everything that happens in the train units. Keep track of fundamental systems such as the driving modes, the state of the loops, etc. or important parameters for passenger comfort such as lighting or air conditioners etc.

You will have an overview that will allow you to react quickly to any anomaly

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Digital Train

Fleet overview in real-time

A direct access to the state of all doors, systems, car passage, temperatures, humidity and everything related to passenger comfort or the operation of vital systems, as well as the driver, the position of trains and other data configurable.
It is possible to add sensors to increase the available information, for example by measuring noise or pollution.

Fleet overview collects critical system information and basic comfort for optimal service

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Digital Train

Train main screen

Get the main variables of the trains in real time. Configurable, you can get the status of the systems, consumption, passage, comfort variables, alarm and event messages, trip data and any desired parameters. Display it in the way that best represents your interest with charts, journey widgets, train widgets, etc.

Unified and generic visualization of the driver's vision of train unit information.

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Digital Train

Driver’s desk

The virtualization of the desk transmits information in a generic and immediate way for the fastest possible resolution of any eventuality. This tool can be used in terms of training new staff. It’s also possible to make copies of accidents and reproduce them in order to collect sensible information.

Virtualization of the driver's desk is a key element for the investigation and guidance in the event of a breakdown or driving error.

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Digital Train


The monitoring and analysis of the performance of the service allows a generic evaluation of the performance with real data, with the objective of dedicating improvement, training or remuneration actions and guaranteeing an optimum professional level and an adequate service.

It is possible to generate reports on punctuality, delay, speeding, risk level, bad habits, energy efficiency, etc.

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Digital Train


Digital Train® offers a set of demand and service level analysis tools, train occupations per hour and station, duel time, stop time, inter-station train frequency time and other functionalities. smart motors provides also vision systems to track occupancy.

Get a detailed study of the occupation without heavy installation

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Digital Train


By the geolocation of trains, it is possible to collect in service information that otherwise would have not been available. One of the benefits of fleet tracking is to ease the on real time view of the whole network.

A smart supervision and monitoring of each of the system assets is possible by adding geolocation to the whole network.

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Digital Train

Journey Information

The route information is a set of widgets and tools for the graphic representation and analysis of the movement of the trains or data referring to elements outside the trains such as ventilation wells, pollution levels, temperatures in tunnel, humidity, lane defects, etc.

Taking advantage of trains as monitoring platforms it is possible to provide data on elements outside the trains or the infrastructure itself.

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