Signaling monitoring

Railway signaling is of paramount importance to ensure the safety and quality of train services. Our monitoring solutions collect the essential data with the aim of knowing the real assets' condition, evaluating asset performance and therefore, improving their availability. 


Point Machine

Point Machine monitoring solution allows to predict breakdowns, identify its origin and perform maintenance based on condition. Higher availability of the assets is one of the results obtain after implementing the solution.  

The system can be adapted to all types of Point Machine from different manufacturers.

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Track Circuit

Track Circuit monitoring solution boosts knowlege on the assets. It generates a database that allows planning preventive maintenance based on the status of the circuits resulting in a higher avilability of the assets.

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Point Machine Heaters

Smart point heating solution ensures point machine availability at the worst climate conditions and restrictions on maintenance.  With the Digitalization platform provides 24/7 remote control of existing heaters installed.  

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Level Crossing

Monitoring Level Crossing systems is essential to guarantee the proper functioning to avoid dangerous situations and accidents. Face the wide variety of systems require to ensure the correct operation of all of them: barriers, acoustic signals, traffic lights, auxiliary batteries, axle counter, etc. 

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