Rolling Stock Monitoring

Streamline resources, prevent breakdowns and improve availability

Rolling Stock Monitoring

Streamline resources, prevent breakdowns and improve availability


All in one place

Different train models from different providers are monitored with the same platform. The platform allows the incorporation of new functionalities at any time without external constraints.


A.I. for breakdown prediction

The broad railway background knowledge of smart motors® ensures an accurate performance of Artificial Intelligence in the assignation of pathologies and breakdown prediction.


100% Customizable and scalable

User profiles and licenses can be customized. Users on the same network can create a community by sharing information that adds value and optimizes resource management.


Automated processes

Data ecosystem looking for process automation that contributes to improving efficiency, increasing network availability, rationalizing resources and increasing user information.

What is Digital Train ®

Digital Train is a software platform that increases the visibility of the train components status. One single solution for different train providers.
Use it for getting real-time solutions for sudden breakdowns as well as for identifying long term failures. 

Digital Train is aimed at persons responsible for Operation and Planning, the Rolling Stock Maintenance Department, those interested in implementing Track Supervision projects with On-board Systems.

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Digital Train® grows with the new demands of our customers. Everyone benefits, because when you become part of this collaborative platform, you automatically receive all the new features and updates.
  • Real Time Status of UT
  • Telemetry
  • Energy
  • Drivers desk Digital Twin
  • Geolocation
  • Real-time alarms
  • Occupancy level
  • Service KPI's

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