Level Crossing

Level crossings are complex elements incorporating a wide variety of  systems and signals. As they are located in very diverse locations, in the city  and in rural areas, their configuration vary having or not: barriers, acoustic  signals, traffic lights, etc. Guaranteeing its proper functioning is essential to avoid dangerous situations and accidents.


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Adaptable to any project dimension

Hot swappable, compact and modular, the Level Crossing monitoring system  is also scalable to any infrastructure size.


Simple and fast installation

Devices are installed at the control cabinet of the level crossing. It acquires status variables of the environment and the control system  itself, such us: temperature, humidity, auxiliary  batteries status or PLC status among others.


A single platform for the whole network

DAVANA Digitalization platform offers access to real-time status variables and the sequence of events. With on-board data storage monitored information is not lost in the case of unavailability of the Server. 


Achieve higher level of reliability

The non-intrusive system allows operators to check the system remotely without the hassle of a physical check. This way, operators can react quickly to an identified breakdown or potential breakdown.

Why Level Crossing monitoring?

Maintenance of level crossings in many cases has to be done personally, being not possible to solve  breakdowns remotely. It can become a hard task due  to the great affectation of level crossings due to its interaction with road traffic, bikes and pedestrians. It becomes more complex the more elements on it: traffic lights, barriers, acoustic signals, video surveillance cameras, track circuits, axle counters, etc..

Increasing the information available of Level Crossings with a tool adapted to different configurations rises the possibility to avoid breakdowns and great affectations.



  • Data visualization
    See at a glance the status of each system of the Level Crossing. Control level crossing, power supply, protection circuit and batteries status are registered, processed and stored.
  • Event list
    The sequence of actions is one of the most relevant elements to identify malfunctions and errors.
  • Reports and Alarms
    DAVANA sends operation warnings when there is a breakdown. When alarms are triggered, a detailed report is automatically created.

How it works?

System Arquitecture -1

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