Smart Point-Heating

Smart point Heating solution ensures point machine availability at the worst climate conditions and restrictions on maintenance.
Smart motors® web-based solution provides 24/7 remote control of heaters installed on point machines.
It includes condition monitoring and control.

Compatible with installed heating systems

There is no need to change the previous system.

A unique platform for the whole network

The user can access in the same application to all their network of point heatings monitored.

Safe heating operation

Accomplishing all environmental, electromagnetism and electrical security certifications.

Adaptable to any project dimension

Costs decrease sensibly when controlling 2 or more heaters in the same cabinet.

Simple and fast installation

Located indoor or outdoor, its design can be easily adapted to preexisting requirements.

Highest level of reliability

Even under extreme operating and environmental conditions, with ice or snow.

Why point-heating monitoring?

smart motors® solution offers the possibility to remotely switch on/off a point-heating, based on manual activation or triggered by bad weather conditions. Also it identifies undetected breakdowns during inactivity periods which can block future operation.

Periods of Heating use are linked to weather conditions and uncertain. In addition, there is a lack of a centralised control because nowadays is done mostly on-field. This situation increases bad praxis risk, for example, when they are left switched on longer than required, increasing energy expenditure noticeably.

This solution becomes interesting when the use of a centralised, autonomous and remote control is imposed.


Why point heatings are difficult
to operate and maintain?


Several constraints jeopardize point heating conditions

Point machine Heating systems seriously influences the availability of the point machines during winter periods, and therefore they are crucial to ensure the rail service.

There are several constraints that jeopardize their condition. For example, their intermittent use brings large inactivity periods. In those periods, the risk of deterioration of internal mechanisms is high, compromising their availability.

In addition, the lack of a centralised system, requires on-field solution-solving, often in bad weather conditions, which make these elements complex and expensive to maintain.


Control point heating systems from a centralised platform

Digitalization and new IoT solutions give several opportunities to improve the conditions in which point heatings are operated and maintain: remote control, automatic response to weather conditions, status autotest, operation and maintenance alarms…

The concept of a overall Digitalization platform with all the different assets that are manage by the Signalling department with centralised information and the use of sensors to provide an immediate response give a new approach to Heating of point machines.



In response to the above-mentioned improvements and aligned with the approach of a Digitalization platform for different type of systems, directly oriented to improve conditions on operation and maintenance, streamline processes and reduce low profitability task, smart motors® proposes a new Smart Point-heating systems.

A smart Point-heating system has to offer functionalities for both, control and condition monitoring, as follows:

  • Control
  • Conditioning monitoring

Smart point-heating installation

  1.   01 Simple to install and maintain, the solution consists of a cabinet indoor or outdoor.

  2.   02 The solution is designed in collaboration with Weidmüller, a company with a solid reputation in Industrial Connectivity and IoT solutions.

  3.   03 Accomplishing all the certifications required to be connected to a point machine Heating system.

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