Point Machine Monitoring

Traditional point machine monitoring is being reinvented to meet today’s stringent safety requirements and quality standards. DAVANA® condition monitoring tools ensure a fast return on investment thanks to breakdown prevention and optimization of the maintenance.



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Why point machine monitoring?

Thanks to our high-performance sensors, suitable for different technologies, use the data collected to predict breakdowns and foster a more efficient maintenance plan.


Results based on more than 1000 installations

With more than 1000 point machines monitored around the world, including different electrical and mechanical features, smart motors® has achieved a milestone on:

Reliability MTBF (hours)

x2 (2)96x55

Stop time per Machine (minutes)

x7 (1)96x56

Maintenance activity cost (€ per asset)

x3 (2)96x55
DAVANA® collects data from any sensors on the point machine (also third party sensors) and analyses it to provide different operational and maintenance use cases.
Dashboard ATM Motores General EN

Customize the platform and get further benefits:

  • Collect all data available about your turnouts and build a completed real time view
  • Classify assets according to their real condition.
  • Create your dashboards for further uses: statistics, rankings, etc.
Become a real-time inspector
Dashboard ATM Motores Motor EN
  • Get data 24/7 and store historical data
  • Automate all processes related to your point machine operation and maintenance
  • Save time during physical inspections and become more efficient switching from traditional preventive to condition-based maintenance
Automatize your maintenance tasks with DAVANA®
automatiza your maintenance tasks
  • Integrate data from monitoring systems and other sources
  • Linked to your ERP to collect resource availability (any restriction: time, day, line, platform,...)
  • Automate condition-based maintenance tasks based on quality parameters and corrective or predictive tasks.
  • Use this tool across departments; for rolling stock, signaling and infrastructure assets.

The best monitoring devices according to your needs


daen bee

Data logger that monitors from electrical, mechanical and environmental parameters installed inside the point machines with high performance and high precision thanks to its multithread capability. It continuously records up to 20 parameters (24/7)


Group 116

Artificial vision equipment that measures the clearances of the detection mechanism, exclusively in point machines with control bars and detection modules. It is placed inside the protection shield of the Point Machine, above the lock. It uses structured light to measure a laser projection on the control gap with a precision of 0.1 mm.


daen lite

Data logger that monitors electrical parameters with high performance and high precision thanks to its multithread capability. It's indicated for point machines with less impact on the service or where is not possible to install a DAEN.


daen lite

Data Lite provided with IoT capabilities. Indicated for isolated point machines or if there is no possibility of installing the rest of the system architecture of the standard version in the signaling room.

Blacknest surface

Group 117

Sensor installed on the track, in the vicinity of the turnout, and that can capture the values of temperature, humidity, vibration and inclination. They are used in combination with DAEN Lite, to collect environmental and mechanical data.