Ventilators Monitoring

We know how important it is to ensure the ventilators availability to achieve efficient air flow. Maintainers are concerned about the fans status and all the maintenance they require. 


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Customized and compatible solution

The system is also compatible with any kind of fan and ventilator. The system gathers current and vibration data, and it applies ISO 10826-3 requirements.


A single platform for the whole network

All in one data platform ease to foster collaboration across departments. Data is shared with other systems and helps to rationalize the investment.


Fast and simple installation

Install the same solution for your whole network. It also allows to combine data from different assets as other signaling elements.


Energy Harvesting

Wireless, battery less, free of maintenance and easy to install. The system is powered by the airflow generated by the fan.

Why ventilators monitoring?

The geographical dispersion, the complexity of placements within the tunnel and the lack of knowledge on the condition makes it hard and expensive to maintain. The goal of this solution is to streamline through condition-based maintenance and perform automatic preventive stoppage to avoid breakdowns to avoid  situations as shown in the image beside. Monitor ventilators in order to automatize maintenance and preventive inspections.

The solution is the result of a collaborative  project between three companies: smart motors® adding value through data analysis, Weidmüller providing expertise in connectivity and AEInnova improving energy efficiency with energy harvesting.

Ventilador roto

Quickly react to failures



When a ventilator breaks, there is a total or partial destruction of itself, so it comes up to be real important to perform an adequate maintenance before that happens, and that's where condition monitoring and predictive play a crucial role.

The ventilation fan condition based maintenance and autocheck for emergency stoppages can be easily solved through the monitoring system.

A good continuous monitoring system identifies breakdown patterns and send an alarm before the breakdown takes place negatively affecting the service. 


Data gathered and analyzed

Projects have become more complex, the mass of data is increasing and more new technologies are being introduced while regulations are becoming stricter. Therefore, DAVANA is focused on data treatment and user-friendly visualizations. Dashboards can be customized and display the relevant information to make data-driven decisions. See at a glance the condition of a fan located in a tunnel's metro network.


Monitor the tunnels' environment

How to monitor the tunnel in a cost effective way

Without ventilation on the tunnels workers can be exposed to dangerous levels of contaminants. Tunnels are often critical locations where a breakdown would mean a service stop. smart motors is developing several solutions to fulfill operators needs. Blacknest, the line of IoT sensors, can be adapted to monitor environmental parameters on tunnels.
PRL Tunnel sensors

Tunnel condition scanner with on-board train sensors


Environmental THCO2_2

Parameters gathered are Temperature, Humidity and CO2.


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