smart motors is audited by external companies that certify that we do things well. All smart motors®  devices are CE compliant and respect the electric, electromagnetics, vibration and environmental safety norms in application. 



We are in accordance with the requirements of the standard:



 UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015

smart motors achieve the requirements for a great Quality Management System. Our team works to give the best service of our own data Digitalization platform, DAVANA, which is specialized in the railway sector.

We are certify at all the levels of the service: design, manufacture management, assembly, maintenance and after-sales service of monitoring devices specialized in the railway network (switches, track circuits, trains, etc.)

ISO_14001 SN_RGB

UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015

Concerned of the environmental health, smart motors have demostrate compliance of legal obligations and a commitment with the planet. Our environmental management allows us to reduce waste levels and energy consumption. 

smart motors has always considered the quality of its products and services to be of vital interest.

This quality is manifested when the products or services meet the following requirements:

+ They satisfy a use, a well-defined need.
+ Satisfy customer expectations and requirements.
+ They comply with the applicable standards, legal requirements and specifications.

We are increasingly interested in achieving and demonstrating solid performance by controlling the impact of activities, products and services on the environment, taking into account environmental policy and objectives. To be effective, they need to be included within a structured management system with all management activities.

Check the good environmental practices in our company.

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