Anticipate breakdowns and avoid unnecessary stops in service thanks to an integral knowledge of your units.



Do not invest excessive resources in rudimentary tasks that a monitoring system can perform automatically.



Do not settle for the usual information, increase the knowledge about your rolling stock without excessive expenses and find a way to optimize its use.


Digital train® is a software platform that increases the visibility of the trains components status. One single solution for different train providers.
Use it for getting real-time solutions for sudden breakdowns as well as for identifying long term failures.

The wide railway background knowledge of smart motors® ensures an accurate performance of Artificial Intelligence in the assignation of pathologies, making it a very useful tool for management and maintenance purposes.


Digital train ® is addressed to responsibles for Operation and Planning, as well as to the Rolling Stock Maintenance Department, furthermore to those interested in implementing Track Supervision projects with On-board Systems, to those who seek to improve the Information to the Passenger, responsibles for Energy Optimization, Training and Workshop Management and in general, it addresses to all Departments that promote Innovation Projects and improvement of Diagnosis, among others.



Improve your in-service decision making
  • Digital Train® assists Operation Departments by increasing the visibility of the trains components status and arising technical information to foster immediate and accurate breakdown resolutions.
  • You can add any new sensor or monitoring system that may help you to manage your persisting difficulties to Digital Train®
  • smart motors® can develop new sensors 100% adapted to the operators needs and certified to be installed in a railway environment.
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Thanks to Digital Train®, the operator has access to a high variety of knowledge, such as:

  • Real-time positioning
  • System parameters
  • Driver control panel
  • Service details
  • Quality KPI

The interface shows in a self explaining way this information combining historical registers and real time data and turns into a valuable source of information for resolve incidents.

Implement condition based maintenance plans
  • Digital Train® is valuable in terms of defining Condition Based Maintenance plans for different train subsystems.
  • Take advantage of increased knowledge and adapt maintenance to each subsystem nature, the real intensity of use, context and past data.
  • Furthermore be able to predict breakdowns learning from previous experiences and moving away from preventive maintenance calendars.
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Asset classification: Digital Train ® classifies assets according to conservation status. When maintenance frequency is adapted to this classification it streamlines human resources and costs.

Predictive system: Digital Train® is equipped with Artificial Intelligence that uses the parameters and alarms recorded by the train and apply statistical methods and technical calculations to predict specific pathologies.

Corrective actions proposals: In case of a breakdown, Digital Train® demands additional information from the systems on the train and the Artificial Intelligence uses it to identify the problem and to suggert corrective actions.

One platform for multiple customers
  • Digital Train® grows with the new demands of our customers. Everyone benefits from them, because when you become part of this collaborative platform, you automatically receive all the new features and updates.
  • Programmed 100% by smart motors®, the platform allows the incorporation of new functionalities at any time without external constraints.
  • Different train types are monitored with the same platform.
  • A functional design is very important for us and we work hard to provide the best user experience.
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Dynamism and interaction between parts: The proposals and suggestions from our customers are continuously incorporated into the platform thanks to a fluid communication between all the parties.

Railway knowledge: With remarkable knowledge on the sector, Digital Train® offers innovative proposals to solve old problems with fewer resources.

Agile methodology: Starting from the preliminary objectives of the users, partial goals are defined to check that the functionality under development truly solves the client’s problem. Otherwise, more effective and less complex alternatives are proposed according to the client’s criteria.

High performance software platform
  • The software is customizable to the individual needs of each user, which differ from technicians to management positions.
  • It includes a powerful graphic generation module which brings high added-value to the user.
  • In the event of a breakdown, Digital Train® creates descriptive reports and can report to the General Alarm Management System used by the customer.
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Information to the user: SMS and e-mail can be sent in the case of a breakdown

User management: It is possible to define different types of users according to their capacity of administration, geographical scope and access to information.

Reliability: Digital Train® provides reliable information to the operator, in a fast and intuitive way, minimizing false alarms.  


One of the examples of a very detailed customization is the Desktop Mode, where the operator can visualize the trains status as if from inside the cabin.

Easy installation and use
  • Digitalization is not always complex.
  • Digital train® takes the data from the train communications network  using a procedure that banned totally its modification
  • The modifications of the train are easy to do and follow all the certifications required on a railway environment
  • Cloud server or real server, this is a customer’s choice
  • The application can be accessed through a Web browser from any device with internet connection.
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Secure: The extraction of information process is 100% effective and safe

Different types of rolling stock: It can be applied to various communication networks of different types of rolling stock.

The data transmission network that best suits you: Data is stored on a cloud or real server, where the records are processed. The server nourishes the Digital Train® platform in which data is shown in real time and historical trends.

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Digital Train® constantly increases its functionalities. Thanks to the tight collaboration between smart motors® and our customers, new ideas and the improvements are continuously proposed and shared among all the users.


Thanks to our background working for the railway sector, starting in 2006, Digital Train® is a reporting tool that truly provides added value information to the operator.


At smart motors®, we have experience in managing complex projects on large institutions. We use an approach based on the Agile methodology that has already shown benefits in many costumers.


We have experience in the collection and processing of large volumes of data in different railway assets. We apply Big Data and breakdown prediction algorithms to streamline the maintenance of assets.


100% customizable platform

Digital Train® functionalities and display can be modified according to user’s criteria so it can truly become an operator support tool.

New developments at a low investment

Many of the main problems of operators can be addressed today by Digital Train®, which allows the addition of new solutions without the need to allocate large sums.

Valid for different models

If your fleet is composed of trains of several models or manufacturers, only Digital Train® allows you to use a single management tool for the entire fleet.

Additional sensors

Add any sensor to solve a specific system not currently monitored and the information will be available automatically through Digital Train.