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Point Machine monitoring worldwide installations

Posted by smart motors on Jun 23, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Several remote installations performed in Asia and Oceania's countries this month! More and more worldwide railway companies are joining DAVANA and switching from traditional maintenance plans to condition-based maintenance ones. Thanks to the Point Machine monitoring system and the information gathered and analysed by DAVANA, maintenance intervals are optimized and unplanned downtime is minimized. Due to the high diagnostic capabilities of the monitoring system, optimal corrective procedures are determined.

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Integrated rail data management: emerging trends for unpredictable times

Posted by smart motors on May 15, 2021 11:48:13 AM

Thinking about the future of mobility, we see a different world, where we will work in a more decentralized way, we see private transport less necessary, we see public transport networks that reach further, are more efficient and sustainable, faster and more accessible. The future will be a perfect union between the autonomous private or shared vehicle and collective transport in a perfect symbiosis where digitalization and artificial intelligence will be the backbone elements.

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The first installation of Blacknest surface

Posted by smart motors on Mar 17, 2021 9:21:00 AM

We've successfully completed the first instalation of Blacknest surface in several critical locations of Barcelona's railway network. Blacknest surface is a compact IoT sensor that gives a solution to the uncertainty generated by the most problematic rail sections on tracks. The data collected and the AI analysis are helping to prevent railtrack breaks.

Track maintenance is very expensive and time-consuming. Equip the network with Blacknest is cost-effective and provides valuable status information to streamline the cost of infrastructure maintenance.

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New strategic partnership

Posted by smart motors on Jan 5, 2021 3:33:00 PM


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Let's boost 2021!

Posted by smart motors on Jan 4, 2021 4:52:00 PM

During these challenging times, we would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you for your support. We want to share with you some figures from last year:

Our mission is to drive strategies to improve maintenance and operation management. We believe in a transformational strategy led by a vision and powered by a committed program through SAVANA, offering continuous development service, digitalization support, and constant improvement. Let's boost 2021!

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Participating in LBCG event for rolling sotck maintenance

Posted by smart motors on Nov 3, 2020 10:00:00 AM

We are thrilled to meet you at the next virtual event and learn the best practices from operators with fist-hand experience. Join us on November 18-19 to move forward with digitalisation with our platform for managing rolling stock maintenance operations. smart motors' CEO Marc Gispert will give us all the details about it. Register here!

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Occupancy monitoring: Solutions for automated passenger counting

Posted by smart motors on Jul 15, 2020 9:30:49 AM

Upcoming webinar! Find out all about passenger counting methods at smart motors Webinar.
Passenger counting saves transport company thousands of euros and helps social distancing.

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Webinar on Condition Based Maintenance strategy

Posted by smart motors on Jun 10, 2020 4:11:00 PM

Join Marc Gispert tomorrow to discover Condition Based Maintenance strategy with monitored and not monitored assets integration, quality parameters, analytics and assets management. A strategy which includes automated planning for efficient depots management, reports, alarms and tasks automated creation thanks to SAVANA crossing data with ERP and other information systems.

Having the right digital tools for your entire organization can make all the difference: improving productivity, reducing costs and time to market, and increasing profits. Register here:

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A collaborative and Design Thinking project: Ventilators Monitoring

Posted by smart motors on Jun 8, 2020 9:49:38 AM

Are you curious about how we work to increase the ratio of success in Digitalization projects?

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SAVANA's webinar through Metro Barcelona experience

Posted by smart motors on May 11, 2020 9:44:56 AM

Upcoming webinar! We invite you to an inside wiew of more than 10 years Digitalization
at Metro Barcelona through SAVANA’s Platform on May 20 at 9AM (CET).
Do you want to know more? Click here for registration.

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