171 metro units monitored with Digital Train in 2020

Posted by smart motors on Feb 26, 2018 4:05:39 PM
Via Libre (www.vialibre-ffe.com), one of the most read Spanish magazines with technical and informative content aimed at the railway sector, has dedicated an article to our solution for monitoring rolling stock. (Link to the new)

The article describes the objectives of the 'Digital Train' implementation in 171 trains operated by TMB in the horizon 2020. This project takes place following the Digitalisation tendency which TMB started in 2009, and that will continue by adding new solutions for new assets monitoring.

As well as the main objectives of the solution, aiming to provide real-time data access and historical registers to feed a new maitenance system based in the asset condition, the article enphasizes transversal functionalities provided by the solution.

As an example, throug digital train it will be possible to calculate the number of passengers in each train. This information allows to draw the demand profiles of each station, which results in necessary information to plan and improve the service offer.

Another example is to track passenger experience, thanks to the % of train occupation, the temperature, if the lighting and doors systems works correctly, among others.

Other uses: finally, the system can receive measurements of energy consumption as well as alarms of signalling or infrastructure elements along the whole network, together with positioning information. Thanks to the fact that the hardware on-board is geolocalised, all the information received is also geolocalised.

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