New passenger information screen to improve passenger experience

Posted by smart motors on Jun 21, 2018 1:10:14 PM
Digital Train® provides numerous advantages to the operator, who can instantly access real time information and use in complicated decision-making processes.

Furthermore, by means of the functionality of Passenger counting, the operator knows the carriage occupation at any moment on any line, which allows analysis of how supply matches demand, in the present and in the future. In addition, the operator can monitor and analyse passenger comfort in real time: temperature, overcrowding, noise, reduced mobility access or mobile coverage.
However, the operator is not the only one who can take advantage of this data, but the users will also benefit, as shown in this example of the platform screens.

With Digital Train® technology it will be possible to design new station screens with all the relevant information shown in the image. Applying this new functionality of Digital Train® to the platform panels, the user can see not only when the next train will pass, but also know if the carriages are overcrowded, their temperature, and which carriage or carriages are reduced mobility adapted.

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