New Switch Point Machine Monitoring website

Posted by smart motors on Nov 21, 2019 12:04:28 PM

New Switch Point Machine Monitoring website

An straightforward solution for operators willing to maximize teams efficiency and simplify processes. 

smart motors®  aims to communicate all the possibilities offered by a performant Condition Monitoring system for Point Machines.

This type of tool has been in the market for several years, time in which it has improved and adapted to the real needs. Today operators are really interested in implementing tools that have proven their usefulness and added value.  The solution of smart motors®  has shown its applicability and performance in numerous projects with very good resource savings and problem avoidance rates. It includes breakdown diagnose, condition monitoring, breakdown prediction and the implementation of condition-based maintenance calendars.

That is why smart motors® has renewed the way of communicating and give a holistic point of view, to show how signalling teams will improve their efficiency and point machine control will become easy and simple.  The new approach also shows the different directions in which the tool is being improved.

The solution can be implemented at different levels, agreeing on operators interest and possibilities.  Contact us and we will explain you which are these implementation levels, in which situations/scenarios are more suitable and why the solution worths it.



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