Monitoring platform for asset owners and managers

Posted by smart motors on Sep 21, 2021 10:27:12 AM


We always talk about operators and mainteners, but what about the assets owners?  The rail industry is heavily asset-intensive and asset owners delegate the caretaking of their investments to asset managers. 

Usually there is lack of knowledge on the asset condition, with multiple types of natures and manufacturers doesn't help to have assets under control. Also most of the items availability and mantainability of the assets are unknown. 

How can we boost knowledge on asset condition? Would it be possible to compare performance of the different assets to carry out better decisions of investment in the future? 

DAVANA, the all-in-one data platform, is designed to be the most complete, customizable, and friendly one, so to channel any operator's Digital strategy. Capable of integrating any type of solution whether it is technological heritage, new developments or third-party elements, and of having all Digitalization solutions and elements on a single interface.

It integrates different types of monitoring, analytics and management solutions. Created 100% by smart motors®, it is the perfect tool for process automation, resource rationalization and failure prediction that increases efficiency, prevents breakdowns and improves decision making.

What are the benefits for the owner asset?

1. Real time fleet viewer: lets offers the possibility to track all the trains 24/7 to ensure the performance on the operations, availability of assets and systems within the units and monitor the driving conditions.

Network Overview_DAVANA2. Condition monitoring: the key tool to analyze the availability and maintenance level of the assets, to ensure the best performance of the network. The automatic reporting system sends the key information to the user in order to trace the condition of the fleet.

Condition monitoring_DAVANA3. Drivers assessment: help to analyze workforce performance. Factors such as punctuality, efficient driving, the generation of dangerous situations, among others, allow the creation of performance indicators that can be traced day by day.


4. Occupancy tracking: Allows us to create an accurate reporting about the flows of users within the network, having the detail of the occupation per train, per car and other indicator such as dwell time, stop time, etc.

OccupancyLevel_DAVANA5. Geolocation of the fleet to know the location of the assets on real time. 

Dash Geolocalizacion

6. Automated reports with assets KPI's, MTBF, MTTR and other quality parameters. 


Having a data concentrator allows to be ready when the unexpected comes. With DAVANA you will be able to keep an eye on your assets. If you are looking for tools to ease asset management, meet with us!

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