Digital Train services: monitor your fleet

Posted by smart motors on Dec 2, 2021 10:27:24 AM

Digital Train® is a monitoring system for rolling stock totally customized to the needs of the operator, both in the creation of functionalities and in their implementation within the traditional processes of the operator.

The strategy of boarding a data collection and processing equipment in the units responds to the interest of creating the so-called platform effect. We transform the train into a mobile monitoring equipment, to which other data capture systems for different purposes, track sensing, tunnel analysis, etc. can be integrated.

DigitalTrain_ConceptIt is even possible to add other data from the train itself that its not collected on the train communication bus because at the time that it was made the future needs for digitalization were not predicted.

smart motors offer systems able to measure track geometry, rail profile and corrugation, ride comfort and other additional features that complement the train data. These additional systems provide greater detail to perform more efficient maintenance.

Digital Train® solution increases the visibility of the train components status. It is a single and standard solution for different train providers. Use it for getting real-time solutions for sudden breakdowns as well as for identifying long term failures.

CBMThe broad railway background knowledge of smart motors® ensures an accurate performance of Artificial Intelligence in the assignation of pathologies, making it a very useful tool for management and maintenance purposes.

Who is Digital Train® addressed to?

Digital Train ® is aimed at persons responsible for Operation and Planning, the Rolling Stock Maintenance Department, those interested in implementing Track Supervision projects with On-board Systems, those who seek to improve the Information to the Passenger, persons responsible for Energy Optimization, Training and Workshop Management, and, in general, it is aimed at all Departments that promote Innovation Projects and improvement of Diagnosis.

Topics: Rolling stock monitoring, Railways, DAVANA