Railway data services: DAVANA Digitalization platform

Posted by smart motors on Feb 8, 2022 9:00:00 AM

All data collected from smart motors devices or systems from third parties can be integrated within DAVANA Digitalization platform. The information is provided by means of tables, graphics or maps, in the most intuitive way, depending on the type of parameter. Therefore, it is possible to analyze the status and operation of the train's subsystems, for example, and generate a historical record. It would also be possible to address aspects such as the modelling of the passage and make modifications to the service according to the results of the modelling.

DAVANA’s artificial intelligence includes, among other things, work orders priorization, alarms managment, reports automated generation and training the expert system so that it can diagnose the causes of the alarms and signal future alarms (predictive maintenance). When implemented, the services that the tool offer are:


  • Maintenance of the databases
  • Maintenance, creation, elimination and management of users
  • Maintenance of the equipment on board

Continuous improvement:

  • On-board firmware updates
  • Continuous improvement of DAVANA, customized developments
  • Continuous improvement of the system, back-end and front-end according to new specifications
  • Implementation of algorithms for the creation of new input variables to the artificial intelligence.
  • Implementation of new predictive cooking analysis

The proposals and suggestions from our customers are continuously incorporated into the platform thanks to a fluid communication between all the parties.


  • Processing of reports and alarms
  • Feedback to the artificial intelligence
  • Consulting in case of train, signals or other monitored assets' failure
  • Interpretation of alarm sequence and events.


  • DAVANA’s Training with real cases and maintenance tools
  • User guide and help desk.

In case of a breakdown, smart motors® will assist to settle the problem and to provide information on the incident based on data gathered by monitored systems within DAVANA.

DAVANA is based on the idea that digitalization is a way to solve the day-to-day problems, a way to reshape processes and should not be designed as a one shoot project. Therefore, we offer resources for the continuous development and improvement, taking advantage of the different initiatives carried out in various railway companies so that all DAVANA users benefit from the synergies that worldwide opertors and maintainers have. Check hoy DAVANA boost the company results in three main axis: operation, maintenance and passenger experience.

DAVANA benefits in operation, maintenance and passenger experience

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