Railway safety applications within DAVANA

Posted by smart motors on Jan 12, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Underground railways have been in existence since the mid 1860s and serve many of the world’s major cities. Metros are usually the safest transport mode in the city in which they operate. New technologies and monitoring techniques enable metros not only to identify the conditions and events most likely to cause serious breakwdowns or injuries but also to invest in measures to prevent the events from happening or to mitigate their consequences. 

Railway safety is looking for precise tools to be able to reduce the accident rate and offer a more reliable service. Some of the data most in demand by the railway's safety departments are the Log Driving modes, speed journey's tracking and railtrack condition. These data helps to strive to reduce the risks associated with rail-wheel interaction. DAVANA offers different solutions, some of them onboard, to monitor railtrack condition. 

Drivers Performance details in DAVANA Drivers Performance details in DAVANA

At the request of operators, smart motors has developed KPI dashboards to monitor the driver's performance so there is a control on driving modes, speed and other parameters. These data can be used to establish better operating procedures, training and controls which will bring significant improvements. In addition, the control center can access to the driver's desktop, browse its HDMI and see what the driver is doing in real time. With this functionality offered by DAVANA, it is possible to assist the driver in case of emergency.

Drivers Key Performance Indicators in DAVANA Drivers Key Performance Indicators in DAVANA

Another concern is the door's status; having historical data and being able to reproduce the events happened before a door is blocked or bounced allows to analyze the causes and quickly react. DAVANA generates reports, alarms and value added information to face the challenges of safety departmets. The digitalization platform ease the department's tasks by bringing the information just a click away.


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