Adapting the CDX

Posted by smartmotors on May 8, 2017 2:10:01 PM
We have been commissioned to adapt our optical device for control blade gap monitoring, to a new motor, the Siemens S61. We are very satisfied with the welcome of the CDX and the versatility that it offers to be adapted to different manufacturers.
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New product, CDX

Posted by smartmotors on Jun 25, 2016 12:47:20 PM
Smart Motors launches a new product. Soc is a device that allows measuring the test bars gap by computer vision. The device is capable of performing up to four measurements per second generating alarms when the setup of the gap is not correct.

It also allows to take pictures of the bars at any time. This pictures will be accessible through the web client for further analysis.

When there is a problem with the gap, the system takes an automatic picture and adds it to the alert report to facilitate the analysis of the problem.

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Topics: CDX, Miscellaneous, Signaling